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Most information about the game is already disseminated around. Let's gather it quickly:

  • "my game is a bad joke" - my username
  • "a joke about babies being thrown and smacked into walls" - the nsfw warning
  • "How Many Babies Does It Take To Paint A Wall?" - the game's title
  • "Depends on how hard you throw them" - in the game's description

More things:

  • Am I the author of this joke? By no means, just google it, it's everywhere. I'm just the depraved mind with too much spare time who's turned it into a videogame.
  • Why GBJAM5? It just happened to be the perfect timing.
  • Is it only playable on the web? If enough people are interested I'll upload pc and android versions.
  • "You're a horrible, disgusting person and I hate you!!!" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That is basically everything. For any further questions please use the comments box below.


What is the worst thing about going out of a pool full of dead babies floating? Hiding your erection.


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dont do this in real life you will go to jaill and ill do this dance to take ur soul 😈😈😈😈😈

It works pretty well, but sometimes its difficult to hit the high corners and accuracy isn't great. Otherwise pretty fun.


what did you make this masterpiece on? like what engine?


Actually it was my first try on Löve (LUA language) with Notepad++. I wasn't too sure about it but it rocks! For a simple thing like this, totally recomended. If you're interested you can read a small postmortem here.


I'm wondering also how did you learn LÖVE cause I have been wanting to try LÖVE out but I don't get what it is can you plz help the only language I know is gml so did you just watch tutorials or something


I can't play it. It freezes on Running...


This happened a couple times during development, I'm not sure why. Try refreshing the page or downloading the game.

If you're not on windows I can try and upload a build for your system the day after tomorrow, when I go back from vacation.

I don't know what I expected.


My big conclusion after throwing all the babies: babies don't fly.


Did you throw ALL the babies?? :O

You can throw them above the wall and actually at some point there had been a bug that made them fly.


Probably the bugs kept flying away from me that I didn't notice any baby bug *puns* xD.